1. At the beginning of the installation we use a shredder developed by us, which can grind any plastic even non-plastic garbage up to 25%

2. After the shredder a magnetic separator to be placed

3. Special granulator for pre-granules, per-pellets

4. Injecting a special solvent, we obtain at the nozzle exit a foamed material up to 600% with a small (6 bar) pressure, smoothly fill the mold. The formed foam has a low thermal conductivity, which allows to increase the filling time before the crystallization begins

5. In the mixing zone fo the extruder, the solvent is fed by a high-pressure pump, greatly increasing the diffusion, solubility, cohesion of various polymers and becomes the finish product


This makes it possible to use not sorted, not washed, different in composition plastic waste. Insoluble dirt is mixed used as a filler up to 25%, moisture is squeezed out in the loading zone in a special tray. Recycling waste, we get very strong and light products with special properties and design.

In the example in video, you see products of cylindrical shape – billets, which can immediately be used for example as a cork for closing bottles of wine. This is extrusion foam plastic mass.

The equipment consists of 4 parts – shredder, granulator, extruder and plastic blow molding machine, all of them are standard equipment to be bought by regular manufacturers, for example in China (we know suppliers).
We make special know-how reconstruction and add specifically fittings develop by us. The term of realization – 5 to 6 months.

For first step this equipment has a productivity 300 kg/p/h for presentation and demonstration to potential investors or buyers. We expect we can collect the orders for these machines during 6 months for 6-7 M Euro by selling price one unit 1,2 M Euro in ready for use stand.




Plastic blow


The project needs of course two vessels – first one – for collecting of garbage and for shredder+granulator. Second one – for shipment granulated plastic garbage to coast where extruder+blow molding machine are located. Information is just for your use and can be expanded after we will understand what you could undertake in this project.

We sent our proposal to some organization, but we got imagination thateveryone is interested in PR making for yourself instead real to solve globally the problem. We hope you don’t belong to them.